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Baron Paul Nicolay 
by Greta Langenskjold,
translated from the Swedish by Ruth Evelyn Wilder.

Published  by Doran


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Paul Nicolay of Monrepos and his legacy

150th anniversary

A symposium in Vyborg June 5 th, 2010

This report conveys the contributions given at a symposium held in June 2010 in the famous Alvar Aalto library and in the historic Monrepos Park in Vyborg, Russia, to mark the 150th anniversary of Baron Paul Nicolay (1860-1919).

Over 50 participants from seven countries, for the most part from Russia and Finland, representing mainly business and the academic world, studied the significance of Nicolay's work and thinking for our societies today.


Paul Nicolay of Monrepos ,
A European With a Difference

Paul Gundersen

The Western world has often been ignorant of some of the outstanding men and women of faith doing their life work in the Eastern parts of Europe, influencing contemporarylife and sometimes giving new direction to nations. One who also merits to be rediscovered by the West is Paul Nicolay of Monrepos (1860-1919). His message has proved its timelessness.

ISBN 951-9058-09-5

Näkymä 2003

Paul Nicolay of Monrepos and his relevance today
A seminar at Monrepos,
Vyborg June 17.-19.2005"

Näkymä 2006